About Megan Kay Music
Megan Kay Music was started in January of 2015. It was originally a way to share music and to offer music and sound engineering skills as a business. In the last three years, some amazing opportunities have come up to expand the music industry related skills that Megan Kay Music offers and to gain valuable experience in a variety of positions. With that in mind, Megan Kay Music is now able to offer additional services. Those services now include small recording and mixing projects, youth guitar lessons, musical performances by Megan Keim for community events, assistance with publicity for artists or events, support staff for festivals, artist hospitality and relations, lighting design and support staff for existing sound crews. Please use the information on the contact page to inquire about more information regarding the services listed above. Megan Kay Music is a registered and insured company.
About Megan Keim
Music has always been a big part of her life and she considers herself extremely lucky to be able to work in an industry that she is passionate about. She grew up doing a lot of community theatre and was fortunate enough to be able to find a way to combine her love of theatre with her love of music, not only onstage, but as part of the tech crew behind the scenes. It was that experience that helped her realize at a young age that being a Sound Engineer is what she wanted to do with her life. With that goal in mind, she worked hard to graduate high school before she turned 16 and then immediately secured an internship at a local recording studio while also pursuing her sound engineering certification online. During that time, she was also offered an opportunity to work as a lighting designer at a nearby community college event center. She continued to write songs and perform for local community events and then, when she turned 18, she relocated to Asheville, NC where the music industry has a huge presence in the community. She had already been commuting to the area to work with several festivals and had been offered some amazing opportunities in regards to her sound engineering, including two internships – one at a recording studio and one at a live sound venue. Living in Asheville has given her an almost unlimited number of options to explore different aspects of the music industry. She has found that she really enjoys things like artist hospitality, publicity and almost anything related to the festival scene. As the sole proprietor of Megan Kay Music, it is her goal to provide quality support to people who, like her, are passionate about being a part of this amazing industry.